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    Join us for our Sermon Series - Thin Places: Where God Meets Us

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    A 'thin' place is defined as a location or a moment where our sense of the Sacred is more pronounced than at other times. This is a concept that is shared by a variety of different religious traditions and in different cultures over thousands of years. (ie. Celts, the Mexican holiday 'Dia de los Muertos', All Saints Day) This series introduces five different types of 'thin places' where the Spirit of God might be found in our own lives, if we slow down to pay attention to them.

    Sunday, October 24th - 22nd Sunday after Pentecost

    What is a Thin Place? Places of Awe

    Scripture Text: Genesis 28:10-22

    Call it wonder, awe, or a miracle -- some places just capture our attention. They inspire us toward gratitude or they humbly remind us of our small place in the world or they reveal how very little of it is in our control -- and that maybe that is a good thing. These are probably the places where we tend to connect to God the easiest… if we can slow down enough to see them. Some of them are grand and unmistakable like in our Genesis text for today, but others we have to slow down to really take in.

    10:00am - Family Worship Service

    (outside for Blessing of the Animals-weather permitting)

    11:00am - Fellowship Hour outside

    Sunday, October 31st - Halloween

    Places of Fear

    Scripture Text: Daniel 3:19-30

    During the lead up to Halloween, we tend to fall into two camps: 1. People who embrace fear and 2. People who run as far from it as possible. Some of us love to be scared, particularly when we know it is not real. Others of us cannot separate fact from fiction so easily! Fear is a normal -- though rarely

    embraced feeling in life -- outside of Halloween. But places of fear are often places where the Spirit of God can be found. They are where we learn to ask for help and where faith in something more than ourselves begins to take root.

    10:00am - Family Worship Service - baptism

    11:00am - Fellowship Hour outside (Trunk or Treat in parking lot)

    Sunday, November 7th - All Saints Day

    Places of Remembrance

    Scripture Text: Luke 24:13-32

    On All Saints Day, we gather to remember those that have gone before us in the Christian faith that have left a mark on our lives. Religious traditions throughout the centuries believe that remembrance is actually a sacred act that can have a tangible impact upon the present (ie. Dia de los Muertos). As the disciples traveled on the road to Emmaus with who they thought was a stranger, through the act of remembrance, they became aware of all that God had done and would continue to do for them. They became aware of all that God was calling them to do. In places of remembrance, God invites us to remember what God has done, so that we might be inspired to go where God is calling us next.

    10:am - Family Worship Service - baptism

    11:00am - Fellowship Hour outside

    Sunday November 14th - 25th Sunday after Pentecost

    Places of Heartbreak

    Scripture Text: Luke 23:44-49; Job 42:1-6

    The only place we want to get stuck in less than a place of fear is a place of pain or heartbreak. And yet, very often, it is in these places where we learn to see ourselves and our need for God most clearly. And as it was for the centurion, it is often as we look back in these seasons that we find traces of God, where perhaps we hadn’t noticed them before.

    10:00am - Family Worship Service

    11:00am - Fellowship Hour outside

    Sunday November 21st - Membership Sunday

    Places of Interruption

    Scripture Text: Matthew 4:18-22

    Whether it is a new opportunity, the daunting task of moving to a new town, your kids constantly yelling for you, or having your to-do list halted abruptly because of some unforeseen circumstance, we are always being interrupted. The disciples in Matthew are minding their business -- and hard at work -- when all of a sudden Jesus interrupts them and that interruption alters everything: their morning, their family’s expectations, their vocation. Was it convenient? Absolutely not. But they chose to attend to the interruption, and it changed the course of their whole lives.

    10:00am - Family Worship Service

    11:00am - Fellowship Hour outside

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