Coordinator of Children’s Christian Education

The United Methodist Church (UMC) in Madison is seeking a Coordinator of Children’s Education and Ministry to help our faith community further its legacy of growing disciples. We are a part of the Reconciling Ministries Network (LGBTQ+ Affirming) and maintain our Wesleyan identity as United Methodists. We also seek to grow our footprint in Madison and reach people who are looking to do church differently.

We are blessed to have a growing number of children and youth (and their families) who participate in our worship life at UMC Madison. As a church, we hold the following commitments to help these young disciples as they grow in their Christian faith. 

We want to be a church where young people are…

Free to ask questions

Empowered to believe that they bring knowledge

Engaged in ministry opportunities that allow them to be creative and authentic

Deepening their sense of cultural awareness and sensitivity

Able to make connections between their faith and the issues they face in their daily lives

Confident in their Christian faith while creating a sense of wonder and cultivating respect for the diversity of religious traditions in the world. 

We invite applicants for the position of Coordinator of Children’s Education and Ministry who bring experience organizing, programming, and staffing programs and events for children and youth that will help us live into these values.

Position Overview:

Report to: Pastor

Hours per Week: Approximately 15 hours per week

  Must be available on Sundays for worship and programs/activities

Duration of Job: 1 year + renewable

Annual Compensation: $16,000



Work with pastor and staff to create a deep and reflective worship experience including

Relatable sermon series topics

Creative digital engagement through livestreams and recorded devotionals

Take leadership of ministry and message for young disciples

Congregational Connections

Build strong relationships within the congregation

Create 1-2 sustainable ministries that can be co-led by laity

Work with the Pastor to strengthen our discipleship program with the help of staff and laity including:



Children's Fellowship and Learning Opportunities

Creative Ministry

Bring your talents to create dynamic new forms of ministry for our children

Identify and train laity to help implement new ministry opportunities

Staff Support

Meet with Pastor to discuss ministry and set goals (once a month)

Attend regular staff meetings and worship planning meetings (monthly)

Attend regular Church Council Meetings (monthly)

Work with staff on programmatic budgets (yearly)


Strong interpersonal and organizational skills

Ability to be a self starter

Confident in making new connections with members of the congregation and community

Brings a sense of curiosity and creativity to the position. 

Interested applicants should email the church a copy of your resume and a cover letter sharing the gifts you bring to ministry. In your letter, please identify one of the values we’ve named for children and youth and offer a program or experience that addresses and builds upon that commitment.