The Gathering: Worship and Meal Fellowship

The Gathering is a Sunday evening community of worship and meal fellowship. We meet at the United Methodist Church in Madison right on the corner of Drew University's campus.  Each week consists of a 5pm worship service based around a common conversation and dialogue, followed by a shared meal with both vegetarian and gluten free options. We like to send home leftovers with those who could use an extra meal during the week!

The Gathering is committed to following Jesus toward a radical love for all of our neighbors. In light of this commitment, The Gathering identifies as a reconciling community. We welcome people of all sexual orientations and gender identities into full participation as we gather each week.  We seek to be a safe space for the development of Christian community and the empowerment of LGBTQI lives in the United Methodist Church.

To learn more about the Reconciling Ministries Network, you can check out the following link: