The Pastor's Page

Dear friends,

Thank you to all of you who made our town-hall style meeting on Sunday so productive! For those of you who were unable to make it, but would like a brief run down of the highlights, please find them below!

The purpose of the meeting was two-fold: (1) it will provide clarification regarding the defined roles of each of our three pastors (and will explain how each pastor’s role will overlap with the roles of each of the other pastors), and (2) it will provide an opportunity for participants to raise concerns, make suggestions, and have questions answered.

The staff and the SPRC have worked tirelessly since March to create a staff configuration that we feel hopeful about and that will guide us into future ministry at the UMC Madison.


The following are the main responsibilities of each of our three pastors, as constructed by the staff and the SPRC are as follows:


Lead Pastor

Rev. Kate Hillis

(40-50 hours per week)


*Worship Design, Planning, and Leadership (70%)

*Pastoral Care (60%)

Administrative, Organization & Management

Staff & Laity Support, Training, & Evaluations

*Community Networking/Relationship Building (60%)

Strategic Planning of Church-Wide Engagement in Community Outreach & Mission (60%)

*Visioning/Strategic Planning

Engaging Disciples in Giving (Stewardship)


Associate Pastor

Rev. Taylor Bean

(20-25 hours on-site)


Worship Design, Planning & Leadership (20%)

Pastoral Care (30%)

College Ministries & Spiritual Formation

Youth Ministries & Spiritual Formation

Community Networking/Relationship Building (40%)

*Strategic Planning of Church-Wide Engagement in Community Outreach & Missions (40%)


Assistant Pastor

Scott Ostlund

(10-15 hours per week)


Worship Design, Planning, & Leadership (10%)

The Gathering

Pastoral Care (10%)

Adult Spiritual Formation

Visitor Hospitality, New Members Classes & Recruitment

Equipping & Training Adult Laity

Occasional help with youth & college ministries


*Indicates who is primarily responsible when task falls under multiple staff positions.

 **The percentages after each program area refer to the percent of time each pastor will assume responsibility for a that work area.


At the town hall meeting, all three pastors recognized the difficulty of change, welcomed open and honest communication and feedback as we move through this time of transition together, and communicated a desire to get to know the congregation so that they might serve it well. In addition, they also emphasized that though their roles are delineated in such a way (above), they will all collaborate together on the various ministries of this church and be present for all of the programming in various age groups.


The congregation was invited to ask questions, which were received with openness and transparency. Kate, Scott, and Taylor emphasized that in addition to the “town-hall style” meeting and other opportunities in the future for congregational conversation, there are three major ways to offer feedback and be actively involved in the on-going development of the church transition right now, which all invited to participate in:


1:1 meetings with Pastor Kate and Pastor Taylor. They want to get to know as many people as they can. Please call the church or email them to set up a time to meet @ and


2.   Small Group “House Talks” - This is a time to connect with all three of the                                 

      pastors, reconnect with members of the congregation, and offer valuable input

      and insight. All are invited and encouraged to sign up for one.


3.   “Constant Contact” - Every week in our weekly email blast, Pastor Kate writes an

       update on how things are going in the transition and what she is learning. This is

       a great way to stay informed. If you are not already receiving this email, contact

       Natalie and she will put you on your email list.




Pastor Kate also responded to a question about her goals for the church. Currently, her reported short-term (six months goals) are as follows:


            1. Conduct 1:1 meetings with all key staff, volunteers, leaders of ministries,

               and key stakeholders of the church.


            2. Conduct small group meetings (number TBD by SPRC) with members of the                                    congregation to learn the assets, challenges, and future dreams for UMC in    



            3. Build relationships with new and current staff and work with the staff on

               team-building opportunities.


          4. Work with staff and worship leadership to learn about worship and the

              ministries of the church, and execute excellent summer and fall ministries.


          5. After 1:1 and small group meetings have been held, hold a “town hall style”

             meeting to discuss the major themes I’ve heard with the congregation and to 

             discuss the coming year.


Yearly and strategic long-term goals are to be determined.


It has been another successful and joy-filled week at the UMC in Madison. Thank you for all of the ways you participate to make it so!


See you Sunday,


Pastor Kate