The Pastor's Page

Dear friends,


I want to offer a special thank you to all of you who reached out with your prayers and well-wishes this week. Your emails, text messages, and calls checking in made me feel cared for in a stressful and uncertain time. I deeply appreciate all of your thoughtfulness.


I am very happy to report that the Board of Ordained Ministry approved to ordain me as a United Methodist Elder in Full Connection on Sunday May 19th in the evening at our Annual Conference in Wildwood, NJ. This is something I’ve worked toward for the last 10 years — and as you can imagine, Wren and I both feel very fortunate and excited for our family at this time. 


In addition to thanking all of you, I’d like to offer a special thanks to my partner in ministry and life, Wren, along with so many other mentors, friends, and family members who have supported me in the journey. I name Wren specifically because when pastors are called into full-time ministry, they simply cannot do it well without the support and help of their immediate families. Our life partners willingly give up a great deal to accompany us on this journey and I feel especially fortunate to have a partner who is also a pastor and colleague in ministry.


For those of you who have already asked and others who may still be wonder — the ordination service in May is open to anyone who would like to attend. We will have specific details going out in the next couple of months those interested in making the journey. Ordination is a powerful time when the whole church gathers to witness and confirm God’s call on the lives of those who are being initiated into the offices of Elder and Deacon in the UMC. It is also a time when those who are being ordained stand together and receive the support and celebration from their loved ones.


Thank you again for your love, grace, and prayers. I felt them this week — and it was a reminder to me that I am privileged to be the pastor of a congregation that also pastors me. It is because of you that I felt the grace of God so clearly this week. 


See you Sunday,