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    "To call yourself United Methodist is to be rooted in a theology that was tinkered with by an Anglican priest named John Wesley. The funny thing is, 240 years later, Wesley never wanted to create a new church, rather a movement that would change the world. His experiments in theology and connecting people give birth to the denomination we call home, but what does it mean to call yourself a United Methodist? During the month of September join us as we take a look at some of the elements that took a movement and created a new denomination." 

    Sunday, September 4th - 13th Sunday after Pentecost

    The Invisible Made Visible -Matthew 3:13-17; 26:26-30

    10:00am - Family Worship Service

    11:00am - Fellowship Hour

    Sunday, September 11th - 14th Sunday after Pentecost

    Installation of Interns

    Point System - Romans 8:31-21, 37-39

    10:00am - Family Worship Service

    11:00am - Fellowship Hour

    Sunday, September 18th - 15th Sunday after Pentecost

    Rally Day/Welcome Rev. Mark Schol and family

    Looking for Direction - Philippians 4:8-9

    10:00am - Family Worship Service

    11:00am - Picnic on the lawn

    Sunday, September 25th - 16th Sunday after Pentecost

    TBD - TBD

    10:00am - Family Worship Service

    11:00am - Fellowship Hour

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welcome statement

The United Methodist Church in Madison is a welcoming community that reflects God's love as revealed in the life and teachings of Jesus Christ.  Led by the Holy Spirit, we welcome and affirm our human family's diversity of sexual orientation, gender identity, race, ethnicity, age, expression of faith, economic status, marital status, and ability.  We support marriage equality and full pastoral privileges for all persons regardless of gender identity and sexual orientation.  We affirm that all are worthy of God's love and grace.  We celebrate our differences and embrace them as a source of strength.  We invite all to join us on the journey toward greater love, understanding, and mutual respect.